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Environmental Policy

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Environmental Sustainability Program

United Messengers Ltd, is ensuring that it is constantly working towards a greening of their operations, while reducing the size of the company’s own carbon footprint.

As members of the Canadian Courier and Logistics Association, we are involved in an initiative to impress upon the Minister of the Environment that Canadian companies need the Federal government to lead in the creation of a single harmonized North American carbon-pricing scheme that encourages and supports innovation and the early adoption of technologies to minimize carbon emissions.

We are committed to aiding and supporting all our drivers to move towards more efficient vehicles, which is a common interest for both the environment and the driver. Where possible we are encouraging the contracted drivers to obtain hybrid vehicles as their current vehicles are traded in.

Since our deliveries are point to point there are the congruent objectives of optimizing low mileage routes for the drivers, therefore minimizing their gas usage and therefore reducing gas emissions.

In the downtown area, we use foot couriers and bicycle couriers. We use a foot courier where possible to move box loads in the Downtown core. Most of our customers welcome this initiative. We have expanded the area for bicycle couriers in the summer months to reduce our reliance on motorized vehicles in that area.

The administration operation of the business is committed to a recycling program which is a sustainable system operated by a private recycling operation.

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We are now able to service all deliveries AFTER HOURS. Once you have paced your AFTER HOURS order, you must please call dispatch at 905-738-6448 (or 416-736-4040) to confirm the order.