United Messengers
United Messengers

About Us

The Most Trusted and Experienced Rush Courier in Toronto and the GTA

Quick Facts

  • Since 1985 we have been providing our delivery services in the GTA.
  • Our fleet of 300 experienced owner operator drivers and bikers are conscientious and motivated.
  • Our focus is on Sameday courier services and we have become one of the largest Sameday companies in Toronto
  • We provide order entry systems to make using us quick and easy.
  • Our order takers are friendly and knowledgeable.
  • Traces and queries are handled immediately.
  • Our e-fulfillment to you guarantees our ability to be your e-Courier.
  • We have two distinct divisions:
    • Express (Ad Hoc) delivery service
    • Scheduled delivery services specializing in the financial services industry


UML utilizes leading edge technologies - including GPS Tracking technology, Blackberry, two-way pager, mobile telephone and VHF Radio - to constantly track your packages and provide real time proof of delivery. This ensures that we can always tell our customers where their package is now and how soon it will reach its destination.

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